Industry specific knowledge to help you grow your business brick by brick.

Continue to grow

CMA Accountancy have been working with clients in the property and construction sector for over a decade, aiding clients in developing their businesses and watching them grow. Over this period, our knowledge on the challenges and solutions has increased exponentially through our work with a wide range of businesses, including construction firms, estate agents and developers.

Our team of specialists are well placed to assist you in overcoming the challenges of working within this sector, allowing your business to be well positioned to continue to grow. We can offer a cost effective solution, ranging from statutory compliance and tax services to a detailed analysis and advice package to ensure your business is competitive in your target market. We pride ourselves on delivering a transparent, practical and specialist service to our clients, taking a personal approach to your requirements to make certain your business operates in the most effective way.

Challenges CMA’s Solutions
Time – at CMA we understand the pressures of having to keep up to date with all of the financial admin and statutory requirements. Cloud Software - our team are experts on multiple cloud-based accounting solutions. A fully integrated software that makes use of the appropriate add-ons can be a powerful tool to drive your business forward.
Cash flow – in our experience, having cash available to the business is imperative to success. Slow paying customers and demanding suppliers can be eased with a clear understanding of your cash flow. Outsource – allow us to take the burden of your financial compliance, bookkeeping, payroll and more, but outsourcing these time consuming and often overwhelming task to the experts. We have extensive knowledge in all core accounting and bookkeeping services, and are well positioned to relieve you of the stress.
CIS – having a clear understanding of the CIS implications for your company is imperative. Submitting monthly returns to HMRC can be time consuming, and ensuring your subcontractors receive the correct information each month needs to be a focus. Expertise – understanding the ever-changing legislations surrounding CIS and VAT can be an easy place to land your business in trouble. We have a tailored skillset amongst all of our team, and are able to offer consistent support to any quick queries to let you get back to what you do best!
VAT – the VAT laws in the UK are complicated, made so even more by the recent implications of Brexit. Monthly or Quarterly progress checks – Management accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis can be a powerful tool to change the fortunes of your business or to recognise areas where you are strong, to enable you to take further advantage of this. We are able to plan for your tax obligations through in year reviews of profit and drawing levels.
Profitability – knowing how much profit you have made is vital in terms of the tax liabilities that will be associated, but also in having a clear understanding of the money available to be drawn out of the business. Annual Review – we will sit down with you to go through your financial reports for the past year, and take a look a significant variances and potential opportunities to make the business more profitable. By devising a plan each year, it leaves you best placed to implement the necessary changes to make your business work better for you. In addition to the business, we can take a look at your personal circumstances and devise dividend strategies, use of the pension contributions to save tax and potential amendments to remunerations.
Tax Efficiency – whilst having the funds available to draw is always a luxury to enjoy, ensuring you draw them in the correct way is vitally important to avoiding unnecessary tax charges. -