Our team at CMA can help you keep up to date on all of your payments and help you understand where you are going wrong.

No one likes the strain of Payroll

Understanding and paying PAYE can be a challenge to comprehend, and can have a significant impact on your cash flow if you fall behind on payments. Our expert team at CMA are well versed on all components of PAYE and can make light work of the obligations, aiding you in keeping up to date with payments, but ensuring you aren’t falling foul of any legislations.

Alongside calculating tax, NICs, statutory payments, student loan deductions and providing you with amounts due to HMRC and the deadlines for such payments, we are able to assist with P11D submission, Employment Allowance applications and provision of payslips, P60’s and P45’s tailored to suit your needs. We can act as your agent for PAYE purposes and can therefore have a dialogue with HMRC on your behalf.

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