19 Apr

How to increase your business turnover

How to increase your business turnover

  1. Get your existing clients to put in a good word for you to their customers.

  2. In a sector where you have a proven track record, make yourself a specialist.

  3. Focus on your skills and successes on your LinkedIn profile.

  4. Find LinkedIn groups which are populated with your target market and join them.

  5. Let existing clients know about other products and services that you offer.

  6. Use your target market to identify and find new customers.

  7. Qualify prospects by using BANT –Budget, Authority, Need and Timescales.

  8. Go to networking events which are populated by your target market.

  9. Find non competing suppliers who are selling to your target market.

  10. Attract new customers by using your website to post videos, illustrations and social media.

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