Dext can analyse your receipts to keep on top of financial admin every day and improve your organisation with all your receipts on a platform.

Speed up your bookkeeping

Dext is a receipt capturing tool that reads and extracts data from your receipts, invoices and other financial paperwork in a quick and simple manner. Using the Dext app, you are able to instantly capture a receipt using your smartphone’s camera, or by forwarding items to a Dext specific email address.

The main benefits:
  • Stay organised, with all your receipts on one searchable platform
  • Instantly capture and analyse receipts to keep on top of financial admin day-to-day
  • Seamlessly connect with Xero, QuickBooks and other cloud accounting solutions
  • Improve communication with your accountant
  • Save space – once an invoice is uploaded and matched against a transaction, a PDF copy is generated, meaning you can get rid of the original

Our team of experts at CMA are extremely knowledgeable with using Dext, and can assist in the initial set-up, provide simple yet effective training allowing you to speed up the bookkeeping process, and concentrate your focus on what you do best.

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