8 Sep

8 Reasons Why We Love Xero!

Time is precious, and anything we can do to save some of it away from doing tedious tasks is surely something worth looking at! In an age where the world becomes more manic as each day passes, it is important to seek out new ways to speed things up or make use of time that would normally be wasted – for example the time spent commuting. Our website and blog is littered with references to the Xero accounting software, so it will come as no surprise that we are massive advocators for cloud accounting and particularly the Xero product. Xero offers an online accounting solution allowing you to seamlessly access your business finances, no matter where you are in the world. Below you’ll find our top 8 reasons why we love Xero, and hopefully you soon will too!


  1. Automated Direct Bank Feeds

Xero has the capability of connecting directly with your banking provider and establishing a direct feed with your account. Every transaction that appears there, will appear in Xero too! You can review transactions on a daily basis, match invoices to payments and be fully up to date in just a few minutes, easy to do whilst the kettle is boiling!

  1. Invoice on the Go!

Traditionally you would need to sit down and find the time to catch up on your invoicing, usually because you need to be at your computer to create one. All of those issues are solved with Xero and the mobile app, whereby you can send invoices on the go, creating them directly at the jobsite or whilst you’re waiting in line for your lunch! The sooner you get that invoice to the customer, the sooner you are getting paid.

  1. Chase Debtors

Following on nicely from invoicing on the go, Xero will let you know when a customer has opened it, and when they did so, allowing you to easily send a gentle reminder to those payments that are taking a little longer than you expected!

  1. Photograph and store receipts digitally!

Free yourself from the burden of paper records and start photographing your receipts and bills on your phone utilising a third-pay app that can integrate with Xero to automatically scan and read your receipts, whilst storing a digital copy so you never lose track.

  1. Automated Invoice Reminders

If you are invoicing within Xero, then Xero’s automated Invoice Reminders can do the chasing for you. This functionality will automatically send an email to your customers if an invoice is overdue, putting an end to hours spent sending the same reminder over and over again.

  1. Easy Collaboration with your Accountant

The data on Xero is a single set that both you and your accountant can work from, enabling you to see the same set of data at the same time. Gone are the days of having to export information and send it over manually, or having to import your data elsewhere. Everything is up to date and viewable anywhere!

  1. Customisable Reports

If you are looking through the reports section and it isn’t quite giving you what you need, then the customisable reports will be for you! Tailor the output to be exactly what it is that you want to see, and empower yourself to make confident informed decisions based on real-time, reliable information, straight from Xero itself.

  1. Automatic Backups & Cloud Storage

Switching to the cloud is a sure-fire way to stop those inconvenient computer crashes, or taking a manual back up and storing in 3 different places just to be sure it’s there! Xero automatically saves any changes you make after every single entry, so you just jump back in where you left off if your computer is having an off day.

So, does Xero sounds like something you’ve been waiting your whole life for? If so, get in touch with our team of experts today and we will be able to answer any niggling questions you have, and set you on the road to saving time right away!

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